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        Causes of over high temperature of motor in Jiangmen packaging equipment

        2020-10-08 09:17:05

        What is the reason for the high temperature of the mechanical motor of Jiangmen packaging equipment? The high temperature rise of the motor of vacuum packaging machine not only shortens the service life, but also causes fire when it is severe. If the temperature rise of the motor is too high, please stop it immediately. Today, Shanghai Youte talks about the causes of excessive temperature rise

        The three-phase voltage is seriously unbalanced. Check whether the stator winding is short circuited between phases or turns and the stator winding is grounded.

        2. Poor lubrication or jamming of motor bearing of vacuum packaging machine. Check that the temperature of the bearing housing is higher than other parts to check if the grease is too little or too dry.

        The failure of ventilation system is caused by air passage blockage or dust accumulation on radiator. If the grease is too thick, it will affect ventilation and heat dissipation.


        The load is too high. If the mechanical belt is too tight and the shaft is not sensitive, it may lead to long-term overload of the motor of the packaging equipment. At this time, the mechanical maintenance personnel should loosen the drive belt, disassemble and check the mechanical equipment, make the shaft flexible and try to adjust the load to make the motor run under the additional load.

        5. Bad working environment. If the motor of vacuum packaging machine is exposed to sunlight, the ambient temperature exceeds 40 ° C or ventilation is not smooth, the motor temperature will rise. It can be covered with a simple awning or blown away by a blower or fan to remove the oil and dust in the air duct of the motor itself, and then change the cooling conditions. The power supply voltage is too high or too low. Packaging equipment machinery and equipment motors operate in the range of - 5 to + 10% of the supply voltage change and can adhere to the additional capacity. If the power supply voltage exceeds 10% of the extra voltage, the flux density of the core will increase sharply, which will lead to iron loss addition and motor overheating. Detailed inspection method is to use communication voltmeter to measure bus voltage or motor terminal voltage. If it is the grid voltage should be reflected to the power supply department; if the voltage drop is too large, the conductor with larger cross-sectional area should be replaced and the interval between motor and power supply should be shortened

        Source: Jiangmen packaging equipment http://www.hotzzi.com/

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