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        What are the principles of packaging material design in Jiangmen

        2020-10-08 09:21:28

        The so-called packaging, not only has the function of product protection god, but also has the function of promotion. With the fierce competition in shopping malls in recent years, more and more people are trying to make it play the latter role. The Japanese scholar yijizhuo once put forward a criterion of "aim, reason and good".

        Packaging to play a promotional role, first of all, must be able to attract the attention of customers, because only the products that attract the attention of customers can be purchased. Therefore, the packaging should use novel and unique shapes, brilliant colors, beautiful and exquisite images, and materials with their own characteristics, so that the packaging can present a dazzling effect, so that customers will have a keen interest at the sight.

        The unique and novel shape can attract customers' attention. For example, wine bottle modeling, generally based on the cylinder, when the linear shape of the wine bottle presents, it will have a dazzling effect. Some wine bottles also use leisure curves, natural and unrestrained, like dancing fairies; some use imitation modeling, designed into disordered anchor shape or human body shape, in a batch of cylinder, rectangular shape of wine bottles, will appear very prominent and beautiful.


        The beauty of color is simply felt by people. Some market experts even think that color is the key factor in choosing to sell. In their long-term market survey, they found that some colors as the packaging of products will make the products surprisingly unsalable. Gray is one of them. They think, this is because gray is difficult to make people excited, naturally difficult to produce shopping excitement. They put forward that red, blue, white and black are the four major colors for sale, which were found when making and comparing the images of red, blue, white, black, green, orange, yellow and brown. Take red as an example, it has many images, and it is the sun, fire, blood and other images that have a strong relationship with life. Therefore, red is simple and exciting. Blue, white and black are also closely related to the sun, which is always above the blue sky. As soon as the sun goes down, it will be dark. When the sun rises again, the sky in the East will turn white. These four colors are the important colors that control the rhythm of our daily life. As a color for sale, it can arouse customers' favor and preference. This analysis has certain rationality. Images work in combination with color. The carton package of "Xuelian" cashmere sweater is soft light green, and there are protruding white images of snow lotus on the box, which is extremely elegant and beautiful, as we all know. On the outside of the bottle of "ancient wine of the Western Han Dynasty", there is a brand with a black image of ancient flavor on a red background. On the background color of withered grass, four strong and dignified black seal characters "ancient wine of Western Han Dynasty" appear to be telling a long story of an old man. In a row of colorful wine bottles, its common charm is well known.

        Generally speaking, the image of packaging should be mainly to set off the brand trademark, fully display the characteristics of the brand trademark, so that customers can immediately identify the products of a factory, especially the products and shops, from the trademark and the images of the whole package. The dazzling trademark on the package can immediately attract customers. The same changes in packaging materials have aroused people's attention. The porcelain gifts exported from Shandong Province are specially made of corn husks into portable cases for packaging, which not only makes full use of the surplus rural labor force, but also turns a lot of local cheap materials into handicrafts with folk characteristics and elegant texture, which is more artistic than ordinary carton packaging. The famous Sichuan product "tangsi rabbit", originally packed in red rectangular cartons, is now made into exquisite cylindrical containers made of fine bamboos. They are beautiful together and form an unforgettable image.

        Source: Jiangmen packaging materials http://www.hotzzi.com/

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