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        What are the classification of packaging materials in Jiangmen

        2020-10-08 09:21:28

        Paper packaging materials: packaging paper honeycomb paper, paper bag paper, desiccant packaging paper, honeycomb paperboard, kraft paper industrial paperboard, honeycomb paper core; plastic packaging materials: PP packaging belt, PET packaging belt, tear film, winding film, sealing tape, heat shrinkable film, plastic film, hollow plate; composite soft packaging materials: soft packaging, aluminum film, iron core wire, aluminum foil composite film, vacuum Aluminum coated paper, composite film, composite paper, BOPP; metal packaging materials: Tinplate aluminum foil, barrel hoop, steel belt, packing buckle, Blister aluminum, PTP aluminum foil, aluminum plate, steel buckle; ceramic packaging materials: ceramic bottles, ceramic jars, ceramic pots; glass packaging materials: glass bottles, glass cans, glass boxes;


        Wood packaging materials: packages made of wood products and man-made wood panels (such as plywood and fiberboard), such as wooden cases, barrels, wooden boxes, wood plywood, fiberboard boxes, plywood boxes and wooden pallets; other packaging materials / accessories:

        Bronzing materials: bronzing materials, laser film, anodized aluminum foil, bronzing film, hot stamping film, hot stamping foil, hot stamping foil, color foil; adhesive, coating: adhesive adhesive, composite adhesive, reinforcing agent, starch adhesive, sealing adhesive, latex, resin, self-adhesive; packaging auxiliary materials: bottle cap glove machine, mold, gasket, handle, pad nozzle, sealing cap, package Film loading.

        Source: Jiangmen packaging materials http://www.hotzzi.com/

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