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        Several requirements of Jiangmen packaging material selection

        2020-10-08 09:21:28

        In the early days of packaging. There is no much consideration on whether the information about food packaging bags, self-supporting bags and other packaging bags will affect the environment. This led to the release of various packaging restrictions. With the improvement of people's sense of environmental protection. There are also requirements for information on packaging. Green packaging is the strategy of environmental protection. The selection of information is crucial. It determines the degree of harm to the environment and the recoverability of products. In the process of packaging planning, how to select the appropriate information to meet the requirements of sustainable production is a messy task, and it is also a process of summarizing and considering data performance, environmental factors and knowledge in this field.

        The characteristics and application of packaging data in the selection of packaging data, the characteristics of data are often in the production process and the use process to give full play to the efficiency of data energy. The information on packaging should be in line with the characteristics of green, environmental protection and recovery. Therefore, when selecting, low cost, low pollution, low energy consumption and easy processing become the choice.


        The selection of packaging information mainly considers the following elements

        1) when planning similar packaging products, the same packaging data shall be used as far as possible to facilitate recovery. For example, the number of packaging materials used by whirlpool German company was reduced from 20 to 4, which reduced the cost of waste treatment to 50%.

        2) fully consider the use of data, which not only saves the original data, but also benefits the recycling of resources.

        3) the degradability of materials should be considered in the planning. In 1997, the State Environmental Protection Bureau issued the environmental label and product technical requirements for degradable plastic packaging products, and implemented the standards for the recognition of the marks of degradable plastic packaging products, which will improve the pollution status of plastic packaging products.

        4) plan to produce reusable packaging products. The selection of information is crucial. Because if the information does not agree with the above points, then the environment and security will form unnecessary trouble. So the selection of packaging information according to the above requirements to select.

        Source: Jiangmen packaging materials http://www.hotzzi.com/

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