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        Jiangmen packing material tells you the advantage of inner lining with pearl cotton board

        2020-10-08 09:21:28

        The inner packing made of Jiangmen packing material sheet is a kind of cushion liner packaging with certain characteristics of earthquake resistance, moisture-proof, sound insulation and heat insulation. Especially for handicraft, pearl cotton board and other decorative cloth, suede cloth combination, with impact resistance maintenance effect, is also the development trend of packaging.


        Because pearl cotton plate is bubble body, it has strong ability of waterproof, sound insulation, moisture proof, anti shock and corrosion resistance, and has good processability. The red EPE material of electrostatic agent enhances the anti-static function. It can also increase the tear strength and function of the Pope film and aluminum film.

        Pearl cotton packing materials are a kind of buffering liner packaging with many characteristics. Therefore, pearl cotton sheet made from it is recyclable and new materials.

        Because of the different shapes of pearl cotton coil products, the shape of buffer lining packaging is different. But in the planning packaging, they are very consistent with the appearance specifications of the products, and they are strictly controlled in quality inspection, and it is not allowed to be different from the products.

        The article originates from: Jiangmen packaging materials http://www.hotzzi.com/

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