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        What are the functions of Jiangmen packaging materials

        2020-10-08 09:21:28

        Packaging material protection function is a product from the end of packaging to the arrival of customers, all through the loading and unloading, transportation, storage, display and other links. In every link, there are many factors causing package damage. Packaging protection refers to the need to avoid the loss of product quality and quantity caused by these damages in the logistics process, so as to ensure the smooth realization of product value and application value.


        Packaging material is the material basis of product packaging and the direct carrier of packaging function. To complete the protective function of packaging, it is necessary to select the appropriate one. The packaging materials and containers made of it should not only accept the static pressure, impact, oscillation and other mechanical forces in the process of circulation, but also prevent the oxidation and erosion of the contents by external substances, and avoid the internal contents from entering by themselves.

        Packaging materials are involved in the realization of these many convenient functions. For example, convenient opening and use requires the packaging material to have appropriate mechanical functions. Convenient stacking and loading and unloading requires strong tensile strength and compressive strength of packaging materials. Convenient processing includes packaging materials, which can be recycled, reused and easily differentiated. The research of green packaging materials is to satisfy this function

        Source: Jiangmen packaging materials http://www.hotzzi.com/

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