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        • Causes of over high temperature of motor in Jiangmen packaging equipment

          What is the reason for the high temperature of the mechanical motor of Jiangmen packaging equipment? The high temperature rise of the motor of vacuum packaging machine not only shortens the service life, but also causes fire when it is severe. If the temperature rise of the motor is too high, please stop it immediately. Today, Shanghai Youte to talk about the causes of excessive temperature rise: 1. Serious imbalance of three-phase voltage. Check whether the stator winding is short circuited between phases or turns and the stator winding is grounded. 2. Poor lubrication or jamming of motor bearing of vacuum packaging machine. Check that the temperature of the bearing housing is higher than other parts to check if the grease is too little or too dry. The trouble with the ventilation system is that the air passage is blocked


        • Jiangmen packing equipment tells you how to use wrapping machine

          1. The inner chain and the inner chain of the winding machine mould base should be smooth. When the film frame moves up and down, it can be eliminated by tensioning the chain. Other equipment, like packaging machines, should be regularly protected and kept smooth. 2. When the rotary table slows down or slips, open the motor cover of the rotary table, loosen the four connecting bolts on the reducer plate, and then adjust the two tension bolts clockwise to reach the required tension force, and then tighten the four connecting bolts. The chain tension should be adjusted after 10-15 days of continuous operation of the machine. 3. The lifting, chassis and membrane rack drive are driven by worm gear speed regulator. 4. When packing the goods


        • How to deal with the packing equipment in Jiangmen

          The enterprises that know about the baler all know that the binding force of the baler can be adjusted when it is strapped, but sometimes such a situation will appear. Even if the tightening force is adjusted to a large extent, it is still not tight. What is the reason for this? How should enterprises deal with this problem? Jiangmen packaging equipment will introduce you how to deal with this problem RB: 1. The first cooling time is not good. The cooling time of the baler is to make the belt fully bonded, especially the belt of pure material is used in the full-automatic baler, so it needs more cooling time to glue the belt well. Therefore, if the baler is cooled down, the belt can be fully bonded


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