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        Hy-40 automatic carton forming and sealing machine

        Product features:

        • Adopt international advanced technology, and choose imported parts, electrical components and pneumatic components;

        • The paper board can be replenished at any time without shutdown;

        • It is suitable for the same carton size packaging at the same time. If the carton size needs to be changed, it can be adjusted manually, and the time required is 1-2 minutes;

        • Reasonable design, synchronous suction molding, folding bottom and back cover forming at one time;

        • It has the advantages of light volume, precise and durable performance, no vibration during operation, stable operation, long service life and high efficiency;

        • Transparent plexiglass protective cover is installed to automatically stop the door opening to avoid operation accidents;

        • It can be operated on a single machine or with automatic packaging line.

        Main technical parameters
        Machine modelHY-40HEighteenHY-40
        Unpacking capacityEighteenCase / Min 12Case / Min
        Temporary storage of cartons100pcs(1000mm)100pcs(1000mm)
        Carton Size L:200-400mmW:150-360mmH:100-350mm L:250-450mmW:150-400mmH:100-400mm
        Using electricity220V200W220V200W
        Necessary air pressure6kg/cA kind of 6kg/cA kind of
        Air consumption450NL/Min450NL/Min
        Machine sizeL2400*W2050*H1450mmL2000*W1900*H1450mm
        Mechanical weight450kg 450kg
        Tape size48mm,60mm,75mm(minimum size cannot exist at the same time) 48mm,60mm,75mm(minimum size cannot exist at the same time)

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