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        PET plastic steel belt

        PET plastic steel belt, also known as plastic steel Xiong (PET packing belt, polyester binding belt) is made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) as the main raw material. PET plastic steel belt is the most popular packaging material in the world to replace steel strip and steel wire PP belt.

        Advantages of PET plastic steel belt (compared with traditional steel strip and PP belt)

        1) Save 50% Money: using PET plastic steel belt can completely replace the same specification of steel strip or steel wire with the same tensile strength. It can save 50% of packing wood instead of steel belt packing glass.

        2) Safety: PET plastic steel belt can maintain 5% tightening force without loosening, and 5% buffer elongation when impacted by strong external force to ensure the safety of packaging.

        3) Environmental protection: PET plastic steel belt is made of food grade packaging materials, with moisture-proof, rust proof, water-proof, corrosion-resistant characteristics, will not pollute the packaging materials, in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

        4) Convenience: pet mud steel belt is light in weight and easy to handle; compared with steel belt, using PET plastic steel belt for packing does not need to cut in advance or wear gloves, so it is easy to operate and has high packing efficiency.

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